The Jasic Mobilisation: A High Tide for the Chinese Labour Movement?

This article first posted in Made in China Journal.

Au Loong Yu

 12 January 2019

In July this year, 89 workers at the Shenzhen Jasic Technology Co. Ltd demanded the right to set up a workplace union. In the past decade there has been an explosion of strikes in Shenzhen, and this dispute is one of the many where workers have demanded better working conditions, owed wages, unpaid social insurance, and severance pay. Yet, the Jasic case is unusual in that it was supported openly by a group of some 50 self-proclaimed Maoists and Marxist university students, along with a small group of older citizens. Coming from different parts of China, they organised themselves into a ‘Jasic Worker Support Group’ and descended on Jasic to stand in solidarity with the workers who were battling the police. Continue reading The Jasic Mobilisation: A High Tide for the Chinese Labour Movement?

The debate on the Jasic Struggle

Steven Chan

17th January, 2019

Last July, 89 workers at the Jasic company in Shenzhen applied to found a workplace union but their application was refused and later their leaders were temporarily arrested. This escalated the confrontation between workers and the local authority, and several dozen Maoist students from all over the country came to support the workers under the umbrella organization of the Jasic Workers’ Support Group. The authorities responded with further arrests, and in total 38 workers and supporters were arrested or went missing. Last August, after the first arrest, there were already some debates outside Mainland China, involving those who are in solidarity with the Jasic workers but who hold different views over the issue of the evaluation of the situation and tactics chosen. Continue reading The debate on the Jasic Struggle


文:Steven Chan

去年7月,深圳佳士公司的89名工人申請成立職場工會,但他們的申請被拒絕,其領導人被短暫逮捕。這時候,來自全國各地的數十名毛派學生來到深圳支持工人,並成立了聲援團統籌聲援工作,把行動升級為針對當地警察和政府。當局加強鎮壓,經過先後三次逮捕,目前共有38名工人和支持者被捕或失踪。事件廣泛獲得境外進步和工運人士支持,從港台到歐美都有聲援行動。同時,事件也引起毛派內部很多論爭,但當時外人難以知曉。另一方面,在香港那些支持大陸工運的人裡面,則開始了公開討論。香港大學潘毅教授在BBC上發表了一篇中文文章,稱中國工人運動的高潮已經到來。區龍宇則在明報撰文提出異議。 Continue reading 佳士事件引發毛派大爭論




2018年聖誕剛過,已經被抓三年多的“709”律師王全璋在天津開庭受審。為阻止家屬和維權人士前往聲援,當局派人實施了各種騷擾和限制人身自由。聲援者的反擊是用手機拍攝騷擾者,並最終將視頻發佈在了不受中共審查的境外社交媒體上。 Continue reading 終將崩塌的“完美獨裁”(中)


距離市中心不遠的一處live house之中,正在舉行歌手李志的巡演,不大的空間內擠進了數百人。他演唱了那首著名的《廣場》,不少聲音在間奏時喊著“救護車!”——這首歌曲的錄音版包含了“六四”紀錄片的採樣,人們模仿的其實是來自1989年的一幕。 Continue reading 終將崩塌的“完美獨裁”(上)