A state of crisis in North-East Asia

Pierre Rousset

The Korean crisis has gone from chronic to acute since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States. Against a backdrop of general instability, it is being played out on three levels: the world relationship of forces between powers; the strong tensions at work throughout East Asia; the breakdown or the maintenance of the status quo between the two Koreas. To this, let us add the situation in the USA, where Trump is tempted to compensate for his failures in domestic politics by creating a climate of national mobilization against an external threat – whether it be Russian, Chinese or North Korean. The stakes of the Korean crisis are so numerous that the uncertainties are great and there are real dangers of “uncontrolled slippages”.
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原作者:Pierre Rousset

自特朗普當選美國總統以來,朝鮮半島的危機已經從慢性轉為急性。總體不穩定的背景之下,危機正在從三個層次上展開:大國之間的全球角力;涉及整個東亞地區的緊張局勢;朝韓兩國之間現狀的崩潰或維持。此外,還要加上美國的自身因素:特朗普試圖通過創造一種全國動員應對外部威脅的氛圍,來彌補其在國內政治上的失敗——這一外部威脅可以是俄羅斯,也可以是中國或朝鮮。這場危機牽扯的勢力眾多,因此不確定因素十分之大,很可能出現“不受控制的滑坡”。 Continue reading 朝鮮危機的來龍去脈